Beijing, China – Yang Jia Hot Pot

It’s called hot pot for a reason.

Getting off the train from Shanghai and stepping back into the smog of Beijing, Aaron told Roshni and myself that we should meet him for the best hot pot in Beijing.

“This is where the Chinese rock stars and movie stars go to get huo guo

Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be able to recognize any Chinese rock stars, even if they did happen to be boiling lamb right next to me.

Yang Jia Hot Pot is hidden back in an alley around the Gongti/Dongsishitiao area of Beijing.

Yang Jia Huo Guo

We went with some lamb, a little bit of beef, fish, squid, noodles, potatoes, and the most appetizing of all – frog.

The meats come to the table uncooked.  After the liquid in the hot pot reaches a substantial heat, the meat is dunked and cooked in the boiling mixture.

Almost everything was delicious, especially the lamb and potatoes, got to eat that hearty dong bei style in the winter months.  And yeah, the frog wasn’t very good; it had too many bones and wasn’t worth the trouble.

Sichuan peppers galore.

When I got up to go to the bathroom and towel off, I was greeted by a mob of more than 30 locals clamoring around the lobby area, waiting to get seated.

Even though I am pretty good at handling spice, I still have the tendency to start dripping sweat during particularly spicy meals.  This was no exception, there was some next level spice in that hot pot.


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